To have your event listed on Mtickets:

  1. Please Send us your event information to with the following details:
    1. Event Information
      1. Event Owner Name, Company or Business Name.
      2. Official Phone numbers & Email address of the event owner.
      3. Event Name.
      4. Event description.
      5. Ticket Prices and categories and the sale duration is any.
      6. Event Date, Time and Venue
    2. Event Artwork
      1. Event Poster in dimensions of 1080 by 1080 Pixels.
      2. Event Banner 1200 by 300 Pixels.
  2. Once we have the above listed information. We will proceed to set your event up within an hour. You will receive an email and a text with your event back end Logins to help you track the ticket sales in realtime.
  3. For any queries or inquiries on our catalogue and charges please call or email us on +254790 229 229 or .